Civic and Commercial buildings may seem an unlikely pairing. However, the essence of both sectors is to provide services to the people who make up their client group. To be successful, each requires an in-depth understanding of the needs and expectations of the people they want to attract. Buildings designed specifically for both purpose and appeal can contribute significantly to the success of any civic or commercial enterprise.

Civic & Commercial Projects

  • Lochgelly refurbishment architects wellwood leslie scotland

    The Lochgelly Centre Refurbishment

    A modern and sustainable multi-purpose community complex that will continue to be a focal point for the community after being refurbished by the team at Wellwood Leslie
  • Lower Polmaise Waste Management Facility

    Stirling Council’s new waste management building is at the heart of the council’s efforts to make their communities more sustainable, and is itself a beacon for sustainability thanks to our architecture team at Wellwood Leslie.

Useful Articles for Civic & Commercial Projects